Governance structures

Sub-regional cooperation in public health in SEE operates on political and technical level. Ministerial Forums and the SEEHN Plenary sessions, the latter constituted by the National Health Coordinators, one per member state, represent the political level.  While Ministerial forums have the role of shaping/deciding on overall 4 years sub-regional collaboration policy in public health in SEE, the SEEHN operates as a standing committee to the forums and implement those 4 years policies (from one forum to another).

Executive Committee of the SEEHN runs the SEEHN work between the SEEHN Plenary sessions that are held twice a year, by the country at Presidency (each of six months term). Presidency sets up a SEEHN Road Map for its term and implements it supported by the Executive Committee and the Secretariat of the SEEHN. Presidencies change in alphabetical order.

Technical cooperation is organized through establishing Regional Health Development Centers, each for specific technical area of work decided by the member states.