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Најчесто поставувани прашања за креирање на е-упати и е-рецепти

1. Дали од 01.07.2013г.е-рецепт и е-упат не треба да се печати и во хартиена форма?

31st Plenary Meeting of the SEE Health Network takes important decisions

On 20-21 June 2013 the SEE Health Network held its regular 31st Plenary Meeting in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova under the Presidency of Dr. Andrei U

TAIEX workshop on “Harmonization and Mutual Recognition of Health Professionals’ Qualifications in Europe” takes place in Chisinau

  A subregional workshop on harmonization and mutual recognition of health professionals’ qualifications in Europe took place in Chisinau

SEEHN Plenary meeting working documents MOLDAVIA

  Dear All,   Please find out all the working and information documents for the SEEHN Plenary meeting at Moldova which will be held 20-21st

Мој Термин – Општи информации

Мој Термин  Интегриран национален систем за електронско закажување и евидентира